dr-salimianCyrus Salimian, MD, GP, DC

• Chiropractic Doctor from Canada (CMCC)
• Member of college of chiropractors of Canada, Ontario (CCO) and Iran (IRCA)
• McMaster (Canada) Medical Acupuncture Graduate (CMAG)
• Former Medical Doctor of UN
• Doctor of Medicine from Iran Medical University
• Certified Neuro-Proprioceptive/ Kinesio Taping in pain management and injuries ( like Athletes injuries and trauma)
• Certified Spinal Cox- Technic/Flexion-Distraction/Decompression Practitioner from USA www.coxtechnic.com

• Harvard Medical University/USA: Continuing education in pain medicine and management


Treatment & prevention of Spinal Disorders, Headache, Neck Pain, Low back pain, Sciatica, Spinal Disc Herniations, Arthritis and Sport injuries without surgery


Acupuncture for treatment of Obesity, Anxiety, Depression, Obsession, Arthritis, Joints Pain, Migraine headache and Sport Injuries




Super Pulse MR4 Advanced Laser Therapy with Deep Penetration




Health Canada/ FDA approved



Advanced Cox-Spinal Decompression
FDA and Health Canada approved