MRI before/after chiropractic treatment by DR. Cyrus

MRI of patients who have improved after chiropractic treatment by DR. Cyrus Salimian

Case 1

30 year old patient of mine with R. IVF disc extrusion of C 5-6 with R upper extremity pain and numbness without neurological deficit was suggested to have urgent surgery
in his EMG. NCV didn’t have any active axonal loss

got 20 sessions of chiropractic care in one month by me mainly using decompression and C0-C1 prone drop manipulation and 3 sessions of mild adjustment to segments above disc herniation. No direct adjustment to the involved disc extrusion

After treatment:
reduction of R. IVFdisc extrusion by more than 50%.
90% improvement in patient’s signs and symptoms and preventing of unnecessary expensive surgery
following one month of cervical chiropractic spinal treatments

Case 2

After 28 sessions of spinal chiropractic treatments by me using Decompression techniques. without using chiropractic adjustment to the involved disc which is contraindicated in disc extrusions

Case 3